There is no fully accurate way to describe how Ida has transformed our business and personal life. My husband Michael and I have worked closely with Ida, on growing our business and facilitating our growth in many ways.

We have been fortunate enough to learn and apply Ida’s 5 P system, “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”.

Personally I have a difficult time speaking in front of groups due to an underlying fear or anxiety of not being prepared. This has gotten in the way of educating others, and sharing the things I have learned in my twenty years of practice.

Recently I taught a class and applied these words of wisdom that Ida has taught me, and it made a world of difference. My confidence level was much higher than it was, I felt like I could relax into my teachings and be myself because I was prepared. I came out of it feeling like a door had been opened that was closed for so long.

I realized that this process is something that I can apply to any event in life that is important to me, and I can feel confident walking into and through any challenging situation now. In so many ways Thank you Ida!

Jennifer-Reilly-Moore, L.Ac. MSAOM

Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Owner/Founder Canyon Health Center, Auburn Ca.