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  • "Take responsibility for your own mental development. Discover and dedicate your hour of power each day - When you look back, it will be some of your finest hours". ~ Ida

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Ready to take the next steps? Ready to do, be create your "Momentum Results Coaching" action plan?

Email Ida today for your Introductory 30-minute Results Coaching Session at

Momentum is essential to taking action and accomplishing your goals, and Ida can help you find that motivation. Simply by knowing your outcomes - she will chunk it down into three simple steps.

The power is in the "Do, Be and Create Triad!"

Let's Get Started!

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We all know there is a gap between what we should eat and what we actually do eat. Juice Plus+ provides nutrition from fruits and vegetables, as well as grains, plants and algal oils, to help you bridge the gap to a healthy lifestyle.

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You Inc. Binary

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Performance Momentum Presents
You Inc. Binary

Results Training for Two – For those Who Live,
Work & Successfully Earn Together for Businesses/Careers

Husband and wife business owners, Couples who work together – Two people, friends in business; by their very nature, are do-it-yourself and independent. Working with your spouse has ups and downs. And, it’s not for everyone.

You Inc. Binary results training supports the two of you together and concept of your business partnership to a whole new level. Work and life balance rarely exist for couples in business together. Want more time -, More balance, additional revenue and profit, - this training is for you!

The Results Training model from Ida at Performance Momentum will leave you with proven strategies that allow your relationship and your business to grow. You will get key distinctions like “Divide and Conquer”, designed to assist you in identifying the foundation components to your business partnerships welcoming growth, personally and professionally.

You will have a new skill set to create and add to your business model to take your current professional attributes to the next level.
Let’s discover how your work styles complement each other. You will each embrace tactics that will allow you to enjoy the momentum your business model will deliver by understanding your power when you’re on purpose with a do, be and create momentum triad.

Bottom line; we will be working through the details and peeling the onion back on where you are at today, so we can get you where you want to go individually and together, tomorrow. We will be creating the magic that makes you and your family revenue without burning out.

You both deserve to enjoy the rewards of business ownership. And you will. Promise.

The Training Will Consists of 7 Phases over 8 Weeks

1. You INC. The Power of Language and Physiology +2

2. Setting YOU and Your Business Up for Success – Branding & Marketing

3. Identifying Beliefs and Intent – Clarity Matters

4. Identity and Leverage every minute with rapid results

5. Solutions Trough Understanding – Never get Stuck, Keep Moving Forward

6. Environment – work and home, It’s everything!

7. Keep it going… Organizing Principles that last a life time!

Contact Ida at for your intake no obligation questionnaire, and then
- Let's keep It Going!
Investment $3,500.00

Keynote Speaker - Coaching Talks


"Ida has the art of walking people up!"- Gary, CEO CCCOC

Prepare to be delighted.

Because you want it done - that's why your team, company - venue of speakers - want to hire Ida and add her presentation to your event.

Results driven, and one who can stand and deliver. Contact Ida today at

Specialized Topics:

Powered To Sell
~ 6 Master Steps to Lead Conversion

Being Your Best
`Fostering Intellectual and Moral Dialog

Building Bridges
~How to develop Mutual understanding & Trust

Master the Art of Presentation
~ Stand and Deliver

Action Strategies for Strategic Conversations
` Timeless Tool to Increase Performance

Breakthrough to Vital Communication
~ Because you want it done!

Pricing and Investment Cost Upon Request

What Clients are Saying

  • “Ida is passionate and competent about coaching. Her ability to confront the issue at the root of the problem is superb. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and helps me to push forward through difficult situations. In turn, I can perform at a higher level.”

    Rebecka Heinmert – Pro Golfer Playing on the LPGA Developmental Duramed Futures Tour