Keynote Speaker & Breakout Sessions

Informing and inspiring; clients know with Ida as their speaker, they will get news they can use. She can discuss the future for you as well as tackle known obstacles. She offers profound expertise on a diverse range of topics. “Wowing” audiences with a client-focused approach, she meets every expectation. She will fit your event’s goals, theme, and purpose into her delivery.

Ready to see your audience energized? Contact Ida today, she will show up with purposeful passion, and she will know her audience and you can count on her to deliver. Known for transforming your thinking and getting your mind racing, Ida has the art of waking people up!

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies & everything in between.

Ida’s keynote corporate presentations and trainings are the difference that makes the difference.

Get inspired for your next event. Ida’s Customized Keynote Topics are designed to be thought provoking:

  • Future FocusRethinking the way goals are set
  • Storytelling for BusinessesThe fundamental experience that unites people
  • Reinvention & ResilienceOvercoming hardships and challenges
  • The Experience TrapFocusing on behavior, not performance
  • Healthier Customer InsightThe power of real time, up time
  • The Art of PresentationStand & deliver with superior execution
  • Different by DesignHow to standout in a crowded marketplace
  • Determine Your Own WorthStraight talk about Social Networking
  • Average Is OverCultivating greatness, harnessing passion

Get an experienced facilitator for Meetings/Conferences/Expos. Here are just a few of Ida’s Breakout Topics:

  • Selling with Integrity & Heart
  • Creating Relationships of Trust & Certainty
  • Making Judgment Calls
  • Know You A B & C’s
  • Know Your Audience
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • Breakthrough to Vital Communication
  • Why Strategic Conversations Matter