Business & Exective Consulting

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from the old ones. ” ~ John Maynard Keynes

You may be asking yourself, what’s next? Whether you’re announcing a bold new vision for your business or building momentum as an executive, you’ll need people to make your dream a reality. Getting stakeholders on the same page can be challenging, even within your own organization.

Do you ever wonder what a Business and Executive Consultant does?

I get this question all the time.

As a Business Consultant, I provide processes, tools and concepts that help facilitate individual and organizational growth. The methodology I use causes a shift in the way you and your team view the challenges you face. We’ll look to see what your folks need to be more focused, to strengthen the culture and where there needs to be more accountability. Then, we’ll work to get everyone on the same page.

As your Executive Consultant, my role is to help you unlock your own potential. My goal is to bring the person I am coaching, awareness and discovery. We’ll focus on where their beliefs, motives, values, and/or personality traits are causing them to be less effective as a leader. A significant part of my consulting style focuses on helping the client become congruent. I put executives back into alignment with a “head-knowing – heart-knowing” mindset that puts them back in a state ready to rock and roll every day! 

To improve your business, career, or personal circumstances, my role, as your consultant, is to redirect your focus and identify where resources and time are wasted. It’s here where I help you move forward with new systems and skillsets.  Our work together will help your business and organization gain the key distinctions you desire to correct course. My intuition will provide insight to truly see where you’re at, and then together, we will get you where you want to go! I Promise.

Think Initiative. Think Innovation and Insight. Think Ida.