Why Momentum Is a Catalyst to Everything More

And advice so you can DO, BE, CREATE it to impact your world

It’s been proven, Momentum in Sales won’t just increase your productivity and help you obtain your sales goals, when you get it and you keep it going, it will also increase your income.

While making my way through life, I found it useful to be able to do two things: 1) to look ahead and 2) to overlook. Or, as one of my favorite Italian proverbs says: “To disregard is to win regard.”

When I am working, I am intensely focused on the task at hand. Unless it’s life or death, a strong family need, or one of my dogs is hurt or lost, no one, nothing, will pull me out of the state I’m in to get the result I want or need. There are no do overs in my world. No one gets to waste my time, nor I theirs.

My secret. . .

The 5 P’s – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Momentum comes in business when your primary focus is on results and you are consistent at it. You work in a peak state, you’re clear and focused. Simply put, this is what I call “Real Time – Up Time.” That is when you know you have it! It’s effortless for you to show up and play full out. You have a purposeful intent to be effective with the time that you’re spending in business and work. You have momentum and you love it!

Research shows that for a person’s behavior to be consistent, they need a behavioral attitude that is steadfast and employs adherence to the same course, principles, forms, and systems that drive results. Consistency helps you strengthen customer relationships, and momentum allows you to be more productive and have more customers.

Don’t think I am telling you it’s going to be easy. The truth is, I am telling you it’s going to be worth it! Based on my own experiences, as a young Ida, working at a young McDonald’s – yes, before you could even get an Egg McMuffin – I was blessed to have learned that they only thing that is consistent, in a successful business model, is change.

Momentum is change on steroids and I eat change for breakfast. And if that made you laugh; it was meant to! Stayed tuned! Remember, the only thing that will set you apart is experience. Experience is what makes you an expert. The most successful businesses in the decade (and beyond) know what I know: focus on people, not just platforms, pixels or bottom lines. It’s people that make the difference!

Keep It Going!

Respectfully, Ida

September 4th, 2019

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