How Self-Control Wins the Race

And advice so you can DO, BE, CREATE it to impact your world

To go the distance and achieve your long-term goals you need to think about Self-Control – the starting point to all the wins in your life. People who are good at Self-Control never have the pitfalls, setbacks, or battles because they choose to not make bad choices. They don’t want the drama, pain, or suffering most people get when they don’t harness self-control.

Psychologist who have studied the behavioral science of Self-Control agree mostly on two things:

1) Self-Control is learned behavior 2) Self-Control leads to achievement.

The Science of Momentum shows achievement leads to the energy and drive you want to win the race. What race you ask? Life. More specifically, your life.

The achievements in my life have taken many forms; the business/career momentum I have has been the easiest of those to achieve. I’ve also had to attain balance in my life. I had to learn to think about The Circle of Life. Learning how to say yes to the relationships I needed to support what I had accomplished, and then, have the self-control to manage my emotions, was a must to keep them going. It was only then, that I was able to be consistent with my health and physical wellbeing and pursue stability in my finances, along with wealth management.

My Secret…    

        The 4 Steps to Achievement


Plan Purposefully

Prepare Prayerfully

Proceed with Positivity

Pursue Persistently

We have all witnessed, with each passing year, the chaos and intensity of social media and smart phones. This also means, we are living in a world of unprecedented times of discovery and opportunity. Oxymoron, right? Or, knowing the balance for your personal and professional success comes from your commitment to manage your emotions and change. Simply put, a chance to manage your state and keep your thoughts in check for self-control. Because the day you stop wanting to be better, you stop being good.

Where do you begin? What should you do, be and create? You need a Plan A.  Pay close attention to your emotions and your physical body as you pursue the relationships that you need and want. By doing so, your business/career will stay on track and you can keep the momentum with your finances and wealth.

I am sure you don’t need to have many more “I could have had a V-8” moment head slaps! I know I don’t.  

And my Plan B? –  Go back to Plan A!

Stay tuned for more!

Keep It Going!

Respectfully, Ida

September 10th, 2019

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