Today's Mental Toughness

  • "Today's preparation creates tomorrow's performance. Know and live the 5 P's, mentally condition yourself to understand how " Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!" Now you can keep it going!" ~ Ida

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Ida, An Expert at Getting You Results So YOU Can "Keep It Going!"


Ida Centoni Montgomery possesses a focused, results-oriented, no-nonsense approach to “Getting Things Done!” Known as a Strategy Theorists, Ida is gifted to see and facilitate your patterns that are divergent.

As your Executive Coach, Personal Results Trainer, or Company Speaker Representative, Ida will be there for you, each and every step to help you realize those desires to honestly “Get things done!”

She is a sought after “Expert” for people who truly require results. Contact Ida at You can count on her to support the “Keep it Going” spirit at all times! Ida’s mantra is
“Consistent, Accurate, Concise.”

The prescription she will write for you at the end of each session or class - will be one with a effective dose of reality known as "A Strategy of Because" that will get you over your ill feelings of lost opportunities and limited beliefs.

Ida holds recognition for Education in Residential Real Estate Sales and Advanced Contract Law. She is a graduate of the Center for Mediation Law in Marin County, California where she earned her Certificate of Completion. Ida also earned a degree in Sport Psychology and Peak Performance at Ashworth Career School, Ashworth University in Georgia.

Over the course of four decades, Ida has numerous accomplishments, which include owning and selling businesses, and being a residential real estate broker. Key distinctions for the “Momentum” Ida achieves for her clients are from her Authenticity, Accessibility, and Relevancy.

She has worked in staffing, logistics, production and Team Trainer for Anthony Robbins at his Live Events. ( She is also a graduate of the Tony Robbins, Life Mastery, Trainer and Leadership Academies in San Diego California. Ida can powerfully stand and deliver as a Keynote Speaker, always confident in “Travelling with the Facts!” Ida has also been a guest on talk radio and live formats focusing on “Results.”

Ida is a member of the Association for Dispute Resolution, the National Speakers Association and the Association for Humanistic Psychology. Her clients have included Fortune 500 Company Executives, Residential Real Estate Companies, and One on One coaching for Realtors to achieve peak performance in their individual market places. Ida has worked with PGA/LPGA Professionals and Tour Players, Colleague Sport Teams, Junior Championship Players and their coaches in areas of FOCUS for mental conditioning and toughness.

Do you want to gain clarity in your purpose?

Would you like to be clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your business, your income and your LIFE?

Would you like to be a Master of Your Emotions? Can you imagine being able to tap into courage, strength, passion, and focused confidence to face life’s challenges and unexpected changes in your business? Working with Ida as your “Coach”, and “Mentor”, in team building and performance results, you will embrace the mindset of a champion and be rewarded with “Wins!” Seek your Power, and strength with A Team Leader like IDA CENTONI MONTGOMERY! You can go the distance with confidence!

Contact Ida for an appointment via e-mail: or call/text to:530-718-0005.

Go to the website to let her know you are interested and you will receive a 30 minute introductory session at no cost or obligation. Promise.

“Keep it Going!” Call today!

What Clients are Saying

  • "Since working with Ida, I have had a clearer picture of what I want and a clearer idea of how to attain it. For instance, I've had the dream of playing collegiate golf since I was 10 years old; with Ida's help, I am now playing on the Santa Clara University golf team. She has been teaching me indelible lessons that will not only serve me on the golf course, but they will also serve me in all facets of life. To her I am very grateful and I get my outcomes quickly".

    Alvin Lata III, SCU Senior & Golf Team Member