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  • "In order to make the "Main Event' in your life you need mental toughness, - It will keep you from from being caught up in the mundane".~Ida

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Winning Through Difficult Conversations


Research shows that great coaches and leaders see having the “difficult conversation” as an opportunity. They know that the most important thing about the difficult conversations is to have them.

Let them be messy, human and real, but have them – lots of them, because they are relevant to the leader and the organization. Avoidance of the difficult conversations is an organizational – team performance stop sign.

Winston Churchill said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” I personally think he was speaking to the leaders ability to have difficult conversations.

Difficult conversations carry the chance to transform the relationships among the team members as well as the individual players. Team members become less afraid of what others might say and they report less anxiety as they gain momentum in their confidence from the effectiveness of these conversations.

Simply put, team members have a heightened sense of freedom of their actions in tough situations and a stronger sense of integrity and self-respect. The momentum comes from the honest dealings of tough topics and awkward situations that strengthen the team and creates that “winning feeling” - an opportunity to good to pass up.

It was the great football coach Vince Lombardi who said it best, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather of will.” Coaches and leaders who lack the ability to have the much-needed difficult conversation with their players or business team also lack the will, much needed in the mind-set of a champion.

Trust the power of the difficult conversation.
Let it be a driving force among you who are ethically driven and have the energy to have these purposeful conversations from the right side of the table. The style of these leaders are known for understanding their responsibility and the coaches of championship teams. These forthright leaders have teams and players with the best and brightest of talent lined up to be on their team.

Because who wouldn’t want to be on a team and wear the jersey, an apron or a hat of alike where the coaches and leaders tell them what they really need to hear, where they go underneath and tell them what they really need to know, leaders and coaches who never cover up the truth with shallow conversations of convenience or bias.

Teams and the talented among them who welcome the difficult conversation know that it is a catalysts to their greatness, the cement on how to keep it going!

Win and win again, enjoy your difficult conversations and the performance momentum you will get from having them!

What Clients are Saying

  • "Since working with Ida, I have had a clearer picture of what I want and a clearer idea of how to attain it. For instance, I've had the dream of playing collegiate golf since I was 10 years old; with Ida's help, I am now playing on the Santa Clara University golf team. She has been teaching me indelible lessons that will not only serve me on the golf course, but they will also serve me in all facets of life. To her I am very grateful and I get my outcomes quickly".

    Alvin Lata III, SCU Senior & Golf Team Member