Today's Mental Toughness

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We Can Do More With Less

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Less is more; we’ve all heard it.

So what does it really mean to the mind-set of a tournament golfer or today’s “new economy” workplace teams?

It means you want to know how to do it, how to get more with less. You want to know to take less shots on the golf course and move up the leaderboard, you want to know how to put more points on your sales board with your smaller business teams, it means you understand the expenditure of human energy.

Rarely does what we do tires us, it is our mind-set in relationship to what we do that turns on and off our momentum, up and down in our numbers, slow and fast, fast and slow - instead of continuos. This is what tires us and wear's us out mentally out.

It is our sense of security, our thought process – our mental toughness; our mental conditioning that drives our energy and it is the "how" to what we are thinking in relationship to what we "are" doing, it is the "why" to what we need that keeps us going. Or not.

What does energy and security have to do with each other? When you feel secure you feel you have what it takes to survive and prosper. When you have energy you have what you need to have in order to cope with the obscurity of course conditions and complexity of a business day that feels like it's about to spin out of control.

It is hard to stay optimistic and keep your momentum going in the real time of present demands that you are doing to create future results when you're tired. In addition, today's work place pressures and tournament fairways require go to teams and clutch players; both conditions contribute to anxious feelings which require us to work harder – mentally!

So, if security is no longer a given in your life, than clearly you need to understand how to look to yourself to provide it.

And, because the demands on human engery have changed, we now need to be able to support the source of others needs on an emotional level as well as our own. Recent research shows that when the going gets tough, today the tough get sensitive.

So how do you do more with less?

You understand the power of give and take, you understand reciprocity - the meta model of positive energy.

You understand how to divide and conquer - pick your shots and battles smart. In addition you understand this -you see, hear and feel how obvious it is when your around or engaged with negative people, places and things.

They, it -your business teams and your tournament golf grounds can zap the living day lights out of you and who you are. First mentally, then physically. You're left mentally and physically drained. And you no longer think of asking the question "Are you serious?" to these negative people or situations.

You state and ask the question in the now and durning your up-time needs "Is it not obvious?"
Is it not obvious how bad, negative and inferior this is. It is not obvious there is a negative thought process pattern in progress here.

The give and take of positive engery is the key to peak performance and high proficient teams. Reciprocity is how you do more with less.

So let me ask you a question, "Is it not obvious?"
If it is not,then when would now be a good time to stop being oblivious to it.

Now is the time to know how to be more and do more with less. Now is the time to thrive from the acute understanding in the power of reciprocity.

What Clients are Saying

  • "Since working with Ida, I have had a clearer picture of what I want and a clearer idea of how to attain it. For instance, I've had the dream of playing collegiate golf since I was 10 years old; with Ida's help, I am now playing on the Santa Clara University golf team. She has been teaching me indelible lessons that will not only serve me on the golf course, but they will also serve me in all facets of life. To her I am very grateful and I get my outcomes quickly".

    Alvin Lata III, SCU Senior & Golf Team Member