Today's Mental Toughness

  • "In order to make the "Main Event' in your life you need mental toughness, - It will keep you from from being caught up in the mundane".~Ida

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The Priceless Value of "That Winning Feeling"


Particularly in golf, but also in many other pursuits, is the understanding of "That Winning Feeling".

Yes, "That Winning Feeling" wins golf tournaments and it's a powerful secret to a champion life in business also. You feel solid and you know how to rock and roll; knock it out of the park - for yourself and for your clients, team members and family!

"That Winning Feeling" is available to everybody. It is the secret of good golf and a good life.

Champions understand this critical mindset and the thought process of flow and they know when they have "The Winning Feeling".

Champions understand champions, so surround yourself with them. Champions are those people who create winning evnviorments, they know success breeds success.

Because there is magic in "That Winning Feeling", it can cancel out obstacles and impossibilities. When you feel successful and you have self confidence, you will act successful and prevail 100% in your endeavors. The feeling will get stronger and you will feel like you can do no wrong. How? Because the mind doesn't lie to the body. Our brain and our nervous system cannot tell the difference between a "real" experience and one that is "vividly" imagined.

When the feeling of success is so strong, you can see it - hear it and know you are literately unstoppable.

Most of us have had this feeling more than once. You know, you were on a roll, your momentum was effortless as you kept at your task and you were in a no resistance environment.

You had that feeling in your bones; you knew you were going to win, and you did! Ben Crenshaw, Captain on the USA 1999 Ryder cup for Golf knew! As he shook his finger at the press on Saturday, he said, "I gotta feeling about tomorrow" and the win came through.

How do you experience "That Winning Feeling"?
How do you know when you have it? How do you win and keep it going? You start each day by doing what is necessary, first - then do what is possible. And then, keep it going!

What Clients are Saying

  • “Ida is passionate and competent about coaching. Her ability to confront the issue at the root of the problem is superb. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and helps me to push forward through difficult situations. In turn, I can perform at a higher level.”

    Rebecka Heinmert – Pro Golfer Playing on the LPGA Developmental Duramed Futures Tour