Today's Mental Toughness

  • "Testing the water is easy, "making waves" having strong "belief waves", that's mental toughness. Waves will also keep you going". ~Ida

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Momentum, Why Choice Matters


Choice is essential to autonomy, which is fundamental to our mental health and well being.

Healthy people like those who play to win, champions and courageous leadership – they all want and need to direct their own lives.

Choice is what enables each of us to pursue our targets, in life and on a golf course, as well as at our work activities, it is our choices that enable us to produce outstanding results and champion performances both personally and professionally.

Choices tell people who we are and what we care about. When choice is restricted, we feel deprived of the opportunity to pursue something of personal value.

Each new choice gives us another opportunity to assert our autonomy and display our character. It was Honest Abe, Lincoln himself who said, “ Nearly all of us can stand adversity, but if you want test a person’s character, give them power.” The quality of an individual is in the reflecting of their choices and the standards they set for themselves.

Each situation is axiomatic that choice is good and the freedom to choose has expressive value. Expressive value shows who we are and what we stand for. It’s a known fact that when people have no choice, life is almost unbearable.

It is indisputable also that as the number of our choices increase, we learn that more choices are not continuously better. And if you play golf you equivocally know this – as the number of choices grow, the negatives consequences escalate until, ultimately, choice no longer liberates, but debilities our game.

A range of life choices has been available to us for quite some time and yes, today we have more choices than ever before. So I leave you with this thought, a knowing that thoughts become choices.

All ethical dilemmas can be defined as undesirable or a unpleasant choice relating to a moral principle or practice. Your choices can be your heaven or your hell. Because it is our choices in life that produce our wins as well as our consequences. Know this as well - choices, good and bad, wrong or right - will always start and stop the momentum in your chosen endeavors.

What Clients are Saying

  • I came to Ida with many years experience in my industry, but having been removed from it for a few years I need coaching. Within the first few months of returning to the business, Ida's coaching and support established me as a Top Producer for her company.

    I have since gone into teaching and use Ida's coaching strategies on a daily basis. They not only help me to get the outcome I want with my students. I have had several opportunities to share her ideas with my students so that they can succeed in the class room and in life.

    Ida's dedication to her student's success always goes above and beyond.

    Birdie Forsythe, Hayward High School, Science Department