Today's Mental Toughness

  • "The mindset of mental toughness is to learn continually, listen intentionally, look expansively and live completely". ~Ida

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Making Time Count


What do we all have in common? Time. The same said 24 hours a day!

Something that no money can buy you or me or anyone else more of, nor can no one can give you more of it and you cannot give more hours in the day to anyone else?

TIME… we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Yes. Time, you want more, you ask for more, you want to give more, but in reality you don’t have more.

You don’t get time back and you can’t use it before you have it. You waste it and use it – you let other people waste it and you use theirs - and as you get older, you feel like it’s speeding up. Why and more whys.

Why are you experiencing changes in your sleep patterns, why are you feeling unprecedented change, sometimes daily – all accompanied by the tremendous shifts in the economic, political and social upheaval?
Most of us know, life is not business as usual. And get out of denial - if you want the good old days back, these are the good old days.

Today – today is the day to do, to create x in your life. I believe that this time in history will go down as a “consciences revolution”. – The champions in both business and sports that come out of this decade will have done two things brilliantly. One, they let no one or nothing waste their time and they have dealt with their worst fears. They have let go of the fight, they are not running to or from anything – and they surly are not frozen. Their conscious awareness is not ignorant and they are balanced.

These are times of tremendous change. A time when the quality of your life, the wins you create, and the feelings you have are a result of how you spend your time and who you spend your time with. Each challenge you have, each opportunity – each minute of the day will give you a chance to demonstrate mastery, rather than another “test of time".

You ask what can I do in these days of unprecedented change? Get momentum daily to create stellar performances in your life. When you do, and you can - you will wonder what you will spend your extra time on!

What Clients are Saying

  • I came to Ida with many years experience in my industry, but having been removed from it for a few years I need coaching. Within the first few months of returning to the business, Ida's coaching and support established me as a Top Producer for her company.

    I have since gone into teaching and use Ida's coaching strategies on a daily basis. They not only help me to get the outcome I want with my students. I have had several opportunities to share her ideas with my students so that they can succeed in the class room and in life.

    Ida's dedication to her student's success always goes above and beyond.

    Birdie Forsythe, Hayward High School, Science Department