Today's Mental Toughness

  • "Want to pursue your dream? Get in the habit of doing what needs to be done, now. Don’t carry it into tomorrow. Thinking it, means taking action, also means you can keep it going". –Ida

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How to Bring a Champion Mindset to Tournament Golf


Less is More, - The Goal.

How to Bring a Champion
Mindset to Tournament Golf and Life.

"Every branch that bears fruit He prunes,
so that it will bear more fruit.” –John 15:2

Less strokes means more in golf. And in business, it means doing more with less.

What is the secret to lower scores? What is
the secret to more relaxed concentration and
keeping your momentum when going low, when you on a "roll" focused and producing outstanding results?

You must live your life on purpose. You must be empowered to be your best, challenging yourself and others to beat their personal best everyday in every way.

Golf is not about being good at golf, golf is about "being" period. Just be. Being in the moment and the now. It's about taking less strokes and having more trust when you do. It's about having less obstacles to overcome because you know how to produce "I can - I will" thoughts giving your game ( and business models) winning momentum by being in the zone.

There is no one magic to formulae to improve your tournament scores, but there are many mental drills that you can work on. And what ever you do work on - you know the one thing that matters most is how consistent you are at it. Can you stay in state? Can you stay in the zone? What pulls you out of state - off center?

Champions in all arena's are consistent in their mindset and that's how they win, so they can win again. They know the only real answer to being a consistent winner is mental toughness, focus, state management and zone offense - what get's on the radar and what doesn't. The only real place to calibrate your consistency in golf is by playing in golf tournaments. In business - it is your consistency in growing the business, not just doing the business.

I began my journey into personal growth by learning how to set goals in my early corporate life. Then next I learned to set worthwhile personal goals.
Why? How? Because I know ~ "The only thrill in life come from worthwhile goals, obtaining those goals help one make something out of oneself. The momentum to do so comes from the knowing you have a compelling future, and your worthwhile goals are what keeps that momentum going. Worthwhile goals like "what can I do each day to beat my personal best at _____?" "To be" my personal best?

May you always be learning and may you always have growth goals. That's how you can keep counting your wins, on and off the course - in your personal life and in your professional performances.

What Clients are Saying

  • Dear Ida, I want to thank-you for your creation of and devotion to our Edge group. In less than a year's time, I transformed my business. You taught me how to keep focused at all times - regardless of the activities. I've learned that mental toughness, strong negotiation skills, follow-through and abiding by the highest ethical standards are qualities that clients expect. I looked so forward to our meetings every Wednesday, and I can't thank-you enough for being a there for me.

    Joway Christensen