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  • "Mental toughness allows you to lead and keep your eye on the target. To get things done, create wins - you need clear, sharp focus".~Ida

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Focus ~ Dare To Be Great!


We must dare to be great, as it does not come easy. While many who would seek to lead are good, greatness is a scarcity. Why? How you ask? It takes
F O C U S.

To dare implies a willingness to chance both success and failure, to take risks, to step beyond what is comfortable to the realm of the unknown and uncertain. To allow ourselves to see what we don't see, and to know equivocally, in our hearts, we get what we focus on first. And what we focus on shows up first!

However, greatness is not self evident, it must emerge through the tests of time and circumstance, forged by efforts to solve complex problems and resolve disputes. Greatness comes from getting clear and staying clear.

On the golf course, it is the ability to break free of what you could of, should of and might have done on a difficult course or a demanding tournament. For our business leaders, our companies and work environments, we must decide for ourselves what we want as results and relentlessly pursue those goals by aligning ourselves with leaders who have the same focus and qualities to lead and to serve.

If we want to lead on the leader board, if we want to win – we must make progress on the course with our game, we must be focused.

And what if we're not? What if we can't SEE the forest through the trees? We must see to the changes that need to be made. We must make progress.

Progress is when we make changes that move us forward by altering or amending our choices we make. We must expect and receive our wins from the focus of doing something new. Yes, making changes in our thinking and our behavior, creates changes in our focus. When we focus on making changes in what we do for new results, we make progress and we must always begin with an end goal or the result we want after we make the shot by seeing the picture in our mind.

In addition, we all know that in order to experience our potential for greatness, we must be allowed to grow and we must understand the words of Mr. Ray Kroc, “When your green you grow, when you’re ripe you rot." Surely now is a time when we need greatness. Now is a time when the status que has no status. The status que is not focused on greatness.

History shows us there is often a duality to greatness, especially when the toughest of times have demanded the strongest of leaders.

Those who have most often changed the course of human events were frequently as wrong as they were correct if graded on the syllabus of issues instead of being graded on the issues of greater significance like character, courage, stability, forthrightness, or innovative thinking and their focus. While as a society we publicly mourn the passing of a great innovator like Steve Jobs, we would never embrace a leader who put forth ideas that changed how we think, act or function and was willing to take the risks required of entrepreneurs and scientists in order to test and advance and make progress.

Yet, the errors and frailties of those we consider “great” leaders of our past easily show us that greatness includes an abiding sense of confidence and an ability to learn from errors of clouded judgment while continuing to move forward positively toward progress and focusing on innovation. Is not the scientific method one of learning from trial and error, seeking in part to disprove that which is assumed true? We need to get our pictures to match, our focus to be clear, so we can get out of cognitive dissonance.

Few things help us to be great as the power of focus.

Because here is what I know for sure, and no one said it better than the psychologist William James, perception is everything. "Whenever two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as the other person sees him, and each man as he really is."

Focus. A true payoff in life, relationships, business and secret of champions who know how to keep it going!


Thanks for reading my blog. . .

Keep It Going, Ida

What Clients are Saying

  • "Since working with Ida, I have had a clearer picture of what I want and a clearer idea of how to attain it. For instance, I've had the dream of playing collegiate golf since I was 10 years old; with Ida's help, I am now playing on the Santa Clara University golf team. She has been teaching me indelible lessons that will not only serve me on the golf course, but they will also serve me in all facets of life. To her I am very grateful and I get my outcomes quickly".

    Alvin Lata III, SCU Senior & Golf Team Member