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  • "A big step in mental toughness is when you come to realize that other people can help you. You learn that you can do better, be better - by getting help and letting them help you".
    ~ Ida

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What is something you would like more of?


TIME. Yes, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, don’t we? Yes. Time, you want more, you ask for more, you give more and, you don’t have more. You don’t get it back and you can’t use it before you have it. You waste it and use it – you let other people waste it and you use theirs - and you feel like it’s speeding up. Why?

Why are you experiencing changes in your sleep patterns, why are you feeling unprecedented change, sometimes daily – all accompanied by the tremendous shifts in the economic, political and social upheaval?  read more »

The Priceless Value of "That Winning Feeling"


Particularly in golf, but also in many other pursuits, is the understanding of "That Winning Feeling".

Yes, "That Winning Feeling" wins golf tournaments and it's a powerful secret to a champion life in business also. You feel solid and you know how to rock and roll; knock it out of the park - for yourself and for your clients, team members and family!

"That Winning Feeling" is available to everybody. It is the secret of good golf and a good life.

Champions understand this critical mindset and the thought process of flow and they know when they have "The Winning Feeling".  read more »

Making Time Count


What do we all have in common? Time. The same said 24 hours a day!

Something that no money can buy you or me or anyone else more of, nor can no one can give you more of it and you cannot give more hours in the day to anyone else?

TIME… we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Yes. Time, you want more, you ask for more, you want to give more, but in reality you don’t have more.  read more »

A Wave of Possibility Comes From Momentum


It’s like a silent question for the baby boomers – "What will I do with the time I have left"?

The main reason I see people not achieving their dreams or making progress in their current conditions is because they have not learned they cannot do so without changing their thinking. Everything is first a thought and then an action.  read more »

Momentum, Why Choice Matters


Choice is essential to autonomy, which is fundamental to our mental health and well being.

Healthy people like those who play to win, champions and courageous leadership – they all want and need to direct their own lives.

Choice is what enables each of us to pursue our targets, in life and on a golf course, as well as at our work activities, it is our choices that enable us to produce outstanding results and champion performances both personally and professionally.  read more »

Winning With Mavericks ~ Identity, Passion & Purposeful


Your strongest team members, your “A” players or ones sometimes coined “rebels” with their mental toughness in tact; are your mavericks. They are talented, confident and passionate and sometimes – hard to control.

Strong leadership teams and legendary coaches know “the how” to maximize the power of their mavericks.

Mavericks are not for the timid and outstanding leaders know you don’t want to loose these maximizers and strong leaders skillfully know how not to let them run wild.  read more »

Winning Through Difficult Conversations


Research shows that great coaches and leaders see having the “difficult conversation” as an opportunity. They know that the most important thing about the difficult conversations is to have them.

Let them be messy, human and real, but have them – lots of them, because they are relevant to the leader and the organization. Avoidance of the difficult conversations is an organizational – team performance stop sign.

Winston Churchill said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” I personally think he was speaking to the leaders ability to have difficult conversations.  read more »

We Can Do More With Less

_MG_6827 (2).jpg

Less is more; we’ve all heard it.

So what does it really mean to the mind-set of a tournament golfer or today’s “new economy” workplace teams?

It means you want to know how to do it, how to get more with less. You want to know to take less shots on the golf course and move up the leaderboard, you want to know how to put more points on your sales board with your smaller business teams, it means you understand the expenditure of human energy.  read more »

Focus ~ Dare To Be Great!


We must dare to be great, as it does not come easy. While many who would seek to lead are good, greatness is a scarcity. Why? How you ask? It takes
F O C U S.

To dare implies a willingness to chance both success and failure, to take risks, to step beyond what is comfortable to the realm of the unknown and uncertain. To allow ourselves to see what we don't see, and to know equivocally, in our hearts, we get what we focus on first. And what we focus on shows up first!  read more »

How to Bring a Champion Mindset to Tournament Golf


Less is More, - The Goal.

How to Bring a Champion
Mindset to Tournament Golf and Life.

"Every branch that bears fruit He prunes,
so that it will bear more fruit.” –John 15:2

Less strokes means more in golf. And in business, it means doing more with less.

What is the secret to lower scores? What is
the secret to more relaxed concentration and
keeping your momentum when going low, when you on a "roll" focused and producing outstanding results?  read more »

What Clients are Saying

  • "We choose to work with Ida because of her reputation as an ethical, and tenacious as a Relocation Counselor. We worked with her second time, because our first experience was so positive! There is no one I would rather have in my corner professionally, for anything, more than Ida. She worked tirelessly to satisfy our needs and protected our interest. We felt her actions always represented our desires."

    Patti Ongman, Senior Vice President, GMM, RTW Macy's West/New York