Today's Mental Toughness

  • Avoidance is a performance stop sign. The best defense is a strong offense. Stay on the offense and move quickly through your dislikes. ~Ida

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Making Time Count


What do we all have in common? Time. The same said 24 hours a day!

Something that no money can buy you or me or anyone else more of, nor can no one can give you more of it and you cannot give more hours in the day to anyone else?

TIME… we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Yes. Time, you want more, you ask for more, you want to give more, but in reality you don’t have more.  read more »

A Wave of Possibility Comes From Momentum


It’s like a silent question for the baby boomers – "What will I do with the time I have left"?

The main reason I see people not achieving their dreams or making progress in their current conditions is because they have not learned they cannot do so without changing their thinking. Everything is first a thought and then an action.  read more »

Three Preconditions Of A Successful Home Sale

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Before residential homes go on the market and before buyer gets involved in the seller’s process, these questions are “musts”. In order for the listing agent to strategically negotiate the sale of homes with the parties on the other side, they need the answers to the foregoing questions.

First, listing agent needs to find out why the seller is selling. “So why is now a good time for you to sell your home?” They should know what that looks like for the homeowner and understand their sellers thought process upfront.  read more »

What Clients are Saying

  • "We choose to work with Ida because of her reputation as an ethical, and tenacious as a Relocation Counselor. We worked with her second time, because our first experience was so positive! There is no one I would rather have in my corner professionally, for anything, more than Ida. She worked tirelessly to satisfy our needs and protected our interest. We felt her actions always represented our desires."

    Patti Ongman, Senior Vice President, GMM, RTW Macy's West/New York